Think Pink - Erase the ink

Radiation is a common treatment for various types of cancer. Often, patients will receive a small tattoo to permanently mark their radiation delivery site. These tiny tattoos are preferable to using a marker to mark the site, but some patients view them as a constant reminder of their treatment after they have beaten cancer.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, NeoPulse Laser Therapy and WDBJ 7 are partnering together for the 7 Survivors contest. Cancer survivors are invited to share their stories, which will be posted on WDBJ7’s Breast Cancer Awareness Page, and seven entries will be chosen at random to receive free removal of their radiation tattoo at NeoPulse Laser Therapy.

Participants can also choose to enter the contest without sharing their survivor story, or share their story without entering the contest.

Your radiation tattoo does not have to be from breast cancer treatment to qualify.

Click here to enter today!