PicoSure Frequently Asked Questions

PicoSure laser technology is a brand new advancement in skin laser therapy, so you’re bound to have a few questions. We’ve answered some of them here. If you have additional questions about PicoSure laser treatment in Roanoke, VA, email us at NeoPulseLaser@JeffersonSurgical.com, and we’ll add them to this list.

What does the PicoSure Laser do?
The PicoSure Laser uses light technology delivered in extremely short, picosecond bursts to breakdown pigmentation in the skin. It has proven to be effective at clearing tattoos, dark spots, age spots, birth marks, freckles, and even pigmented scars and stretch marks.

How do the PicoSure results compare with traditional laser tattoo removal and skin repair treatments?
The PicoSure laser we use at NeoPulse Laser Therapy in Roanoke, VA uses ultra-short bursts of light energy to break up pigment in the skin. Pigments are shattered into dust-like particles which are easily absorbed and eliminated from the body. Traditional Q-switched lasers break down ink particles using heat energy. The particles aren’t as small, so they aren’t as easily absorbed by the body. A traditional laser treatment will also require more sessions, and still may not achieve completely clear results.

Will the PicoSure laser remove my tattoo completely?
The PicoSure laser yields better results than traditional laser treatments, resulting in clearer skin in fewer treatments. PicoSure has also been effective against difficult ink colors, such as greens and blues, and previously treated skin. If you’ve tried tattoo removal before and it hasn’t worked, you will benefit from a PicoSure laser treatment.

I don’t want all of my tattoo removed, just a small part. Can PicoSure do that?
Yes. The precise delivery of the PicoSure laser can target very small areas without affecting the surrounding skin. The PicoSure laser can even lighten tattoos in preparation for a cover up.

How many treatments will I need with the PicoSure laser to remove my tattoo?
Every person and every tattoo will respond to the PicoSure laser differently. The size of the tattoo and the colors used will also help determine how many sessions you’ll need. We’ll have a better estimate once we evaluate your tattoo, begin the laser treatments, and see how your body responds to the process. We’re located right here in Roanoke, VA, so you won’t have to travel too far for your sessions, either. Call (540) 283-6015 to schedule your consultation today.

How often will the treatments be?
The timeframe between treatments is about six weeks. That’s about how long it takes for the body to absorb the ink or other pigment particles. Rushing the timeframe between treatments won’t clear the tattoo or pigmented skin any faster, and could put you at risk for scarring.

Is this the only PicoSure laser in Roanoke, VA?
Yes. NeoPulse Laser Therapy is the only PicoSure specialist in Roanoke. The next closest PicoSure laser treatment clinic is nearly 150 miles away. If you live in the Roanoke, VA area and want to remove a tattoo or treat another skin pigment issue, call us today at (540) 283-6015 to schedule your consultation.