Tattoo Removal Pricing

NeoPulse Laser Therapy can remove your tattoo more completely – and in fewer visits.

Our PicoSure laser delivers ultra-short pulses of light energy to target the ink in your tattoo. These picosecond pulses trigger a photomechanical effect that fractures the ink pigments into tiny particles, without damaging the surrounding tissue. The pigment fragments are then absorbed by the body and eliminated by the lymphatic system, leaving you with clear skin.

And, since the pulses are delivered in one-trillionth of a second intervals, the PicoSure process is much less painful than other tattoo removal methods.

Your skin type, tattoo colors, and the size and placement of your tattoo will determine the total number of sessions you’ll need to fully remove your tattoo.

In order to give you an accurate estimate of how much your laser tattoo removal will cost, and how many sessions you’ll need, we will need to examine your tattoo in person. The initial consultation fee is $50, but we’ll credit that toward your treatment total if you decide to proceed with the laser tattoo removal process.