Summer Tattoos

You’ve always heard that you should take extra precautions when spending time in the summer’s sun. Individuals with tattoos have even more of a reason to slather on sunscreen. Tattoos are permanent, but just like other parts of your un-inked skin, they’re still susceptible to intense rays.

On top of sunburn, blurring, fading and darkening are primary risks for sunbathers who don’t properly care for their new tattoos in the summer. Direct sunlight might cause major damage to your tattoo – and your skin. While your top layer of skin protects your new tattoo from the elements, UV rays still significantly affect your skin and your tattoo.

The sun’s rays:

  • Increase the rate at which the color of the tattoo fades
  • Dry out skin, causing the tattoo to wrinkle, tan and even spot
  • Cause the new tattoo to sunburn more easily
  • Puts your tattoo at a higher risk for scarring from sun damage
  • Penetrate and bleach the tattoo

Rare cases of severe sunburn, where deeper layers of skin are burned and affected, can permanently damage the tattoo itself.
Dangers can come from places other than the sun – salt from the ocean and chlorine from pools can also have similar, irreversible effects on your skin if you’re not careful.

To best protect your new tattoo in the summer, follow these tips:

  • Keep your skin moisturized
  • Apply high-SPF sunblock liberally and frequently
  • Wear long sleeves
  • Avoid dips in the swimming pool or ocean
  • Invest in an aftercare kit to foster the tattoo healing process
  • Avoid areas with mosquitos and other bugs

Ideally, you should cover new tattoos from the sun for 4 weeks.

If the summer sun has taken a toll on your tattoos, laser tattoo treatments could be the best option to fade out that ink completely. Give NeoPulse Laser Therapy in Roanoke, VA, a call at 540-283-6015 or request an appointment online for your consultation with one of our physicians to see if laser treatment is the right option for your skin.