At some point in their lives, nearly 85% of people report having acne. For most, acne is an inherited condition which causes the pores of the skin to become blocked with dead skin cells and other contaminants.

The solution lies in acne products and treatments that penetrate pores and eliminate excessive build-up to reduce the appearance of acne. But if drugstore acne products aren’t cutting it, you might want to consider professional acne treatments.

Acne treatments administered by a specialist are critical to:

  1. Monitor your progress and make changes to your home-care regimen
  2. Hydrate your skin so that it’s receptive to your home-care regimen
  3. Extract existing acne impactions
  4. Kill acne bacteria inside pores
  5. Exfoliate your skin so that home-care products can penetrate pores
  6. Lighten dark spots caused by acne lesions

Professional acne treatments at NeoPulse Laser Therapy help get rid of acne scars more effectively than using home-care products alone. Our physicians will closely monitor your skin, ensuring that it clears without irritation. 

NeoPulse Laser Therapy is your partner in acne elimination, working together so you can have clear skin as quickly as possible.

Our new PicoSure laser system revitalizes your skin and repairs acne scars. It roughs up the layers of skin within and regenerates collagen and elastin. The treatment uses short pulses of micro-fine laser light to reach deeply into the skin’s sub-layers, treating the support structure. Then the body’s natural healing process sweeps away older, damaged tissue and rebuilds it with fresh, new collagen and elastin—the crucial building blocks of normal-looking skin.

And since we’re conveniently located in Roanoke, VA, you won’t have to travel far. Most acne treatment sessions last less than 1 hour. It’s a fast and simple procedure that’s easy to tolerate and requires little-to-no downtime. You can even come in on your lunchbreak and return to work after your session.

The PicoSure laser is FDA-approved to treat acne scars, and over 86% of patients are satisfied with the way their skin looks after just a few procedures.  The laser will not clear active breakouts, it will only help clear the skin of the scarring.

Give us a call at 540-283-6015 or request an appointment online for your consultation with one of our physicians to see if laser treatment is the right option for your acne elimination!