Good costume makeup can turn your face into a scary delight this Halloween, but what if sugary candy is creating long-term effects that won’t wipe off after the trick-or-treating is over?

Foods that raise blood sugar, like Halloween candy, can cause wrinkles, an effect that some dermatologists have coined as “sugar sag.  “Sugar sag” occurs when high blood sugar levels cause your skin to lose its elasticity. As we age, this elasticity inevitably fades, but sugary sweets might speed up the loss.

High blood sugar causes collagen fibers in the skin to cross-link – a process called glycation – that results in advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) to form. When AGEs build up, the skin experiences structural changes that cause greater stiffness and decreased elasticity.

Doctors have long known that high blood sugar levels in diabetics promotes the premature aging of skin. But, physicians have become more aware in recent years that these effects occur even in those without diabetes.

It’s not just Halloween candy that might heighten your blood sugar and lead to wrinkles, though. Foods that contain simple carbohydrates, like white bread and soda, also lead to the formation of wrinkle-causing AGEs. Other foods cooked at higher temperatures, like fried foods, contain elevated levels of AGEs than healthier, leaner options.

High blood sugar also amplifies the effects of smoking and UV exposure, two other factors that foster premature wrinkling.

What’s NeoPulse Laser’s remedy for “sugar sag?”

First, cut down on foods that contain AGEs, like barbeque and fried foods, and opt for fruits and veggies instead. Promote a healthier and happier you by taking in natural spices, herbs and teas, all of which combat the wrinkle-causing glycation process.

For the best results, pair a lifestyle change with skin repair therapy. NeoPulse Laser in Roanoke, VA, proudly offers our new PicoSure laser system, which minimizes the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. Laser skin repair is a quick, non-surgical treatment designed to revitalize damaged skin – and boost your self-esteem.

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