We love talking about the PicoSure laser. By now, you’ve probably heard that it’s the latest technology for removing tattoos more successfully and in fewer sessions than traditional treatments.

But did you know that the PicoSure laser is also effective at treating acne scars?

The light energy used by this innovative laser can improve the texture and tone of the skin’s surface.

As reported by CBS news, Greer Kurlander took part in a trial using the PicoSure laser to treat her acne scars. You can see from the photo that the PicoSure treatments have improved the tone and texture of Kurlander’s skin in just three months.

Her experience is not unique, either. CBS reports that 86% of patients are satisfied with their results within three months of treatments.

If acne scars are forcing you to cake on the makeup or undermining your self-confidence, our PicoSure laser can help. Call us at (540) 283-6015 to schedule a consultation.