Acne Treatment

August is here, which means it’s time for all things back-to-school. Along with prepping your laptop for lecture halls and loading up on supplies, it’s also time to take care of a few things for yourself.

If you’re living with acne scars, the return to school can be more intimidating than exciting. Approximately 33% of acne sufferers end up with visible scarring.

Even acne from your adolescence can follow you long after classes dismiss – scars might create a wavy texture in the skin, cause loss of tissue or leave colored spots that linger well into adulthood.

Although home skin care might minimize scarring, several dermatological procedures effectively remove acne scars, like:

  • Dermabrasion – This technique removes the top layers of skin with an electrical machine. When the skin heals, it appears fresher and smoother. However, you’ll need 5 to 7 days of downtime at home to recover.
  • Chemical peels – Here, a chemical application to acne scars removes the top layer of skin. As the skin regenerates, its appearance improves, too.
  • Laser resurfacing – Laser skin therapy is perhaps the most effective way to get rid of acne scars. It uses high-energy light to reduce the color disparity and stimulate collagen production that repairs damaged skin.

NeoPulse Laser in Roanoke, VA, specializes in laser skin therapies. Our new Picosure laser is an FDA-approved method for treating acne scars. While the treatment is new to the market, it has unparalleled results.

Eighty-six percent of patients are satisfied with the way their skin looks after as few as 3 procedures. Treatment sessions are short, and there’s little to no downtime afterward.

The Picosure laser removes acne scars by “roughing up” the surface layers of the skin, forcing the body to produce collagen and elastin and grow new skin cells. This new cell growth “fills in” the scarred areas. The ultra-short pulses of micro-fine laser light also break up dark pigments in the skin, reducing the coloration of the scarred tissue. The treatment is not performed during an active breakout.

Have acne scars followed you long after high school? Get your self-confidence back with our PicoSure laser treatments. Call NeoPulse Laser Therapy in Roanoke, VA, at (540) 283-6015 to schedule a consultation.