An emerging trend in tattoo styling is the “blackout” tattoo—you’ll find many dramatic examples on Instagram. The name is quite accurate: the skin is entirely covered in black ink. The style is often seen on arms and legs. Some individuals have even larger areas of their body covered, including chests, backs and stomachs.

What’s the draw? The look is certainly extreme and attention-getting. Blackout can also be used to cover existing tattoos. However, old ink can show up as negative images through the black.

What are the repercussions? Blackout tattoos take a very long time to achieve—and to remove. The many painful hours spent in the tattoo artist’s chair will be matched with even more time spent in the removal process.

Other reasons to think twice about blackout tattoos? Unlike other styles, a blackout tattoo causes you to absorb much higher quantities of ink and its components. The ink used to create blackout tattoos—which may include chemicals such as titanium dioxide, lead, nickel and chromium—can be hazardous to your health. You risk allergic reactions, skin rashes and tissue inflammation.

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